The Shaders is an Artists & Technologists creative group based in Paris, founded in 2004.

Immersive Music Visualization, Live Visual Performance, Digital Art

Since 2004, The Shaders have been pushing the boundaries of common perception of Time and Space, immersing audiences in video & lighting scenographic installations

The Paris based collective is all about creativity and tech flavoured experimentations. Bolstered by an extensive VJ experience, The Shaders have developed a unique aesthetics to create the abstract works of art that have become their trademark.

The collective excels at conceiving tailored-made, live in situ performances, which reveal a transmedial synaesthetic visual language. Thus placing the audience at the heart of their performance, The Shaders create a phenomenological experience, epitomising the collective and societal dimension of the festive party spirit that inspires their creations.

The Shaders’ ephemeral and singular approach literally embody the uniqueness of the on-going celebration and the resulting sense of communion.